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To all parents, guardians and child care workers – team YoungerMusik salutes you.

Extra careful is the word – This unprecedented pandemic has changed all our lives, the only way forward is by being extra careful, more thoughtful and more vigilant. Our loved ones are what we live for, we at YoungerMusik stand by ideals of family, self care and caring for others.

As we reopen, we want to assure you that all relevant standard operating procedures are in place at YoungerMusik, we have trained & re-trained our staff, disinfected the premsis and will leave no gaps in our precautionary measures. As a parent & child oriented day care, we welcome your feedback and ideas for any additional safety measures you would like us to implement – we won’t disregard them, instead, we will either confirm that we already have such a measure in place, or, if we don’t, we will thank you for your insight & implement it right away.

We understand what it means to leave your kids with us for a full day, as parents ourselves, you will only get the best care possible from us.


The leadership & team at YoungerMusik